Buying from the website
Base and Transcendent Set crates are SOLD OUT
NOTE: All crates are currently sold out.

What payment methods are you going to provide?

The Synergy of Serra website currently accepts:
  • $ETH, $DAI, $MATIC and $WETH via Etheruem;
  • $MATIC, $QUICK, $UDSC, $WETH, $WMATIC and $WBTC via Polygon(Matic Mainnet);
  • $BNB, $Wrapped BNB, $CAKE, $ETH, $BTCB, $BUSD, $USDT, $USDC and $DAIplus via the BSC Binance Smart Chain Mainnet; plus
  • payments via Paypal and credit cards.
If you have a suggestion for a cryptocurrency that you think would make a viable payment option for the Synergy of Serra website, please feel free to get in touch via Discord #support channel.
Change the network that connects your wallet to the website by using the dropdown menu

I have bought some crates but they are not showing in my account yet?

Due to the emergent nature of blockchain technology there are still sometimes teething problems with how websites interact with, and gather information from, the blockchain.
However, these problems are typically just errors in how the information is displayed visually, i.e. visual bugs or network congestion due to lots of activity.

Nothing is lost on Serra.

There are few things you can do to reassure yourself that the transaction went through successfully:
  • make sure the correct wallet is chosen from the dropdown menu;
  • try a different browser;
  • make sure you're not using your browser's private mode;
  • try hard refreshing the page;
  • wait 24 hours.
If you still can't see your crates in your Inventory then please do contact the team via the Discord #support channel.
Make sure the correct wallet is selected from the dropdown