Tips to trade crates safely
Stay safe wheeling and dealing on Serra.
Any peer-to-peer trades are executed at your own risk. Please be aware that peer-to-peer trades are risky and the team doesn't recommend peer-to-peer trading.
However, they acknowledge that trades are going to take place until the Marketplace is up and running and would like to try and ensure that scammers cannot take advantage of the situation.

Top tips for trading peer-to-peer safely

  • Find someone who can vouch for your trading partner if possible.
  • Do not trade the full amount in one go.
    • E.g. if you want to buy $100 worth, divide the trade into four transactions of $25 each.
  • Make sure to decide the specifics of the trade before you transact.
    • This should include the exact value in the crypto being used and the network the crypto will be sent on. E.g. 100 $USDC on Ethereum, 100 $MATIC on Polygon or 100 $BUSD on BSC.
  • Discuss the trade in a private thread in the #trading channel rather than DMs.
    • Only moderators, admins and those invited to the thread can see this.
  • Ask for reasons why the seller wants to sell and what price they bought for.
  • Only use the Transfer Crates option on the website as this is the safest way to transfer your crates and is completely free of gas for the crate transfer side of the trade.

Middleperson trades

For large trades using a middleperson reduces the risk completely. Moderators from the Discord server can act as middlepeople, please do not use anyone not well known to the community as a middleperson or you will risk losing everything.
Please be aware that the Moderators are voluntary and will be helping you because they are kind and caring people. They will be giving up their own time to help you complete the trade. Please please please respect this.
The process will go like this:
  1. 1.
    The seller transfers the crates to the middleperson.
  2. 2.
    The buyer sends payment to the seller.
  3. 3.
    The middleperson sends the crates to the buyer.

People selling their accounts

Synergy of Serra does not recommend buying an account off someone else, this is a highly risky trade. This is because they will have had access to the seed phrase and private keys of that account and may keep a copy of them after the sale.
With the seed phrase and/or private key they will be able to access the assets in the account and move them without your permission. If this happens you will end up with nothing and the seller will have the money you paid them and the assets back.