A Crate Opening Event?
At the Crate Opening Event.
Reminder: the game is still in development and everything is subject to change.

What will happen at the Crate Opening Event?

For those that want to open their crates, they will agree the amount they would like to open with a specially developed interface created by the team.
All crates destined to be opened at that time will be collected together over a one week period. At the end of this period the custom interface will start to randomly open the owners' crates and distribute the contents back to their owners.

Why have a Crate Opening Event?

It is a great way to share the celebration of reaching such a significant milestone with the early supporters of the game who have been waiting patiently to be able to open their crates.
It is also a way to celebrate the art and the hard work the team of artists have devoted to conceptualising, designing, developing and creating the amazing Synergy of Serra artwork and animations.
The Crate Opening Event also has an underlying aim of trying to establish fairer opening conditions. In some blockchain games and projects people can be unfairly disadvantaged through time zone differences or some people create unfair advantages for themselves through the use of bots.
This means that more desirable mint numbers can sometimes be claimed using these methods. The Crate Opening Event aims to reduce this imbalance and give everyone a good chance at getting a desirable mint number.
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