What is the resource system?
There are two resource systems in Synergy of Serra, Energy to play cards from your hand into the Battlefield and Credits to buy cards from the River.
All cards have an Energy cost and a Credit cost. Your Energy and Credits both start low, increasing incrementally each turn. This process unlocks cards for you to buy from The River and allows you to play higher Energy cards more easily as the game progresses.
It is worth noting that Energy and Credits are not necessarily correlated; a cheap card to buy from The River may be expensive to play and vice versa.
The Mana and Gold can be seen in the top left of the cards.
Each card shows multiple numbers. Energy and Credits are situated in the top left corner of the cards. The cost of Energy is indicated by the smaller number that is the small colour as the Faction the card belongs too. For the first four Factions these are purple, green, blue and red. The cost in Credits is indicated by the gold number.
Attack (red rockets) and Defense (blue shield), for those cards that have them, are found centrally at the bottom of the cards.
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