Community Survey - Nov '21

353 comments read, filtered, sorted, and replied to.

Between 16 November and 1 December 2021, we conducted a survey of our community. You can see the main report on the survey here. In the survey, we asked if you had any comments and 30% of you did. We read all the 353 comments and questions and have given answers to the most popular topics below.


  • we have edited some of the comments and questions for conciseness;

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Alpha Fame

"What the alpha frame is for?"

"When will art be complete...and what kind of NFT surprises will there be for alpha fame ....and...and...Thank You for creating what looks like at this point such a stunning game."

A lot of information on Alpha Fame has existed since we created The Compendium of Serra. Reading this section should explain everything you need to know. In brief, though, Alpha Fame will allow people who have collected it to exchange what they have for limited edition game items and NFTs.

The Alpha Fame surprises are not finalised yet and so are subject to change, however, some of the potential rewards could include: Promo Cards; Alpha Fame Avatar Frame; Unit Spawn Animations; Alpha Fame Card Backs; or Limited Edition Cosmetic Card Upgrades.

"I would really like to have airdrops for early supporters. I don't see the value in the Alpha Fame and would like a reason to continue holding funds in this game."

"Airdrop some thing to long time holder and add use case about alpha frame."

Alpha Fame is essentially one massive airdrop for early supporters. There is information in The Compendium of Serra about how it works and, as explained above it has value and a use case.

Whether you keep hold of any crates you have bought is a personal decision that we feel should reflect your interest in the game more than any hope of receiving an airdrop. However, we are looking into how we might be able to give additional rewards to our early adopters.

"look like a great project, hope in the future they can take the risk of tokenomics with fame"

It is worth reiterating that turning Alpha Fame, or any version of Fame, into a tradable token will never happen. We have always made this clear. You will be able to exchange your Fame for limited edition items and cosmetic upgrades but trading Fame directly will never be allowed. Could Elon Musk or Snoop Dogg simply sell their Fame to someone else? We don't think so.

In fact, we think turning Alpha Fame into a tradable token would be disastrous for all but a select few Serrans. As we can see above, the number one ranked Fame-ous Serran has 22.8 million Alpha Fame, and it grows daily by ~131,333. The rest of the top five all have at least 6.7 million Alpha Fame. In contrast, rank 6501 has 5,977 Alpha Fame, around 3,800 times less than the highest rank, and rank 13,101 has 197 Alpha Fame, around 115,000 times less Alpha Fame than the highest rank.

Based on this disparity we believe that converting Alpha Fame into a tradable token would not be beneficial to the community as a whole. However, if someone wishes to analyze the distribution of Alpha Fame in more detail and explain why it would be beneficial to the community then we would happily take their findings onboard and evaluate the situation anew.

Announcements & updates

"Please update your website and have the updates on announcement channel. Because not everyone follows the chat in general channel. Even if its the arts or what. Also please hold any of AMA. For the arts, its really superb! And also the polygon blockchain you are in."

We put all announcements in our #announcements channel in our Discord and we now have the #card-reveal channel to show off our cards and the work that went into them.

In the future, we will likely have announcements on the website too and we will definitely hold regular Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) events.

We hope that this page in The Compendium of Serra will act as an AMA in the meantime.

"I would like for the team to do weekly or biweekly updates and not have just the community manager posting things."

As said above, we have dedicated channels for our updates and announcements. Updates will continue to happen on an ad-hoc basis while we are still in a pre-Alpha stage of development. We see no need to change this currently.

We provide a regular monthly update to everyone through The Serra Chronicle which recaps the preceding month’s activity in a fun and succinct way.

However, we do understand that while we are building toward the Crate Unlocking Event it is a quiet period of development and in the community, we think that this is perfectly natural.

"the game is taking too long. I am getting impatient and all other investments i did in crypto already earning except this one. I am disapponted with the slow progress and few updates I am getting and will seriously consider selling all my crates anytime soon"


Our aim is to build a game that isn’t just a blockchain game, it will be a game that defines a new genre in trading card games and breaks into mainstream consciousness. To achieve this, we are building many innovative features, which takes time. Everything we do is for the long-term good of the project, and you should keep this in mind if you are considering selling your crates.

However, it is completely your decision and for those that aren't as long-term in outlook you can now trade Base Set and Transcendent Set crates on OpenSea.


"In general with my experience in card games I can comment one thing, if they change the effect or ability of any card it will lose real value, so all users will always be afraid that their cards will be devalued, I hope they can do something about it."

Game balancing is something that exists in almost every game, from traditional trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering to first-person shooters like Fortnite. Balancing in Synergy of Serra will have to happen to make sure the game is playable and competitive.

Balancing can work in both directions, making some gameplay aspects, or cards, more desirable and making others less desirable. What is interesting is that, with every balancing update, the community will always find new strategies and adapt to the changes and a new meta-game will be established.

Furthermore, our Card Pool mechanic means that all cards are shared and could be used by either player in-game. We feel that this introduces a kind of inherent auto-balancing as access to cards es equal to both players during the game.

Balancing also underlines the importance of our internal testing with the Pre-Alpha community, but it is also one of the reasons for having Alpha and Beta testing phases before the full release.

The game will be in development for a long time before the full release and there will be a lot of changes to cards in that time, but we will make sure that all balancing changes are fully explained to the community. However, we would likely only focus on cards that play not as intended or are game-breaking. We want all cards to feel powerful.

This process is a positive thing that will help the game to be successful.


"Utilization of other networks such as Cardano since NFTs are native, it can be minted with or without smart contracts, cheap and has a large community including myself."

We’re always monitoring how different blockchains are developing, we’re still so early in this journey and there are so many exciting things happening. We’re currently happy with our game assets on Polygon and look forward to seeing their ecosystem develop. However, we will always do what we think is right for the long-term future of the project and that could involve migrating to another blockchain.


"Just hoping that the cards are simple and intuitive, like the cards in the game splinterlands. Not much text needed but useful and intuitive symbols."

We want our game to appeal to as many people as possible, and making our cards intuitive is important for that. The Alpha and Beta testing phases will be integral to achieving this as we will be looking to gather all kinds of feedback from the community.


"If you want to create a community on Discord and not just a group of customers waiting to open their crates, you need to keep people better informed of what's happening on the game development."

"The community is what makes the project and the lack of communication is what brakes the community."

We believe that community is much more than making regular updates, which is why we are always active in the server talking with community members and posting discussion points in our OFF TOPIC channels.

To show our thanks to our most active and helpful community members we recently sent them all a Synergy of Serra-themed metaverse wearable. This was a nice surprise for those individuals that had spent their free time contributing to the community in positive ways.

In addition, we have plans to develop our Discord server and the activities that go on there in the future. This may include new channel categories, in-server games, more Riddle Events, and other ways to have fun together. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

"been in the discord a year, bough over 300 crates through out the 10 sales tiers, have golden ticket, am ranked within 300 of alpha fame, but dont feel very included considering i need to talk to become anything , doesnt feel like you care much for the veterans, only whales and people who like to talk shit.."

We value our active community members dearly as they are typically very helpful and friendly to newcomers and we love interacting with them and hearing their ideas and opinions. How much someone interacts with others in the community has no relation to how many crates they own.

However, we do understand that not everyone has the time to come and chat and be an active part of the community. Therefore, as stated here, we are looking at ways in which we might be able to reward those Serrans who have been patiently holding crates for a long time as an acknowledgment of how much we value your support.

Compendium of Serra, The

"Please do a change log on the Compendium...I'm not going to read through the whole thing every time you say there's an update."

A changelog is something we will consider for the future. At the moment The Compendium of Serra is updated following important announcements or we announce where The Compendium of Serra has been updated.

If we update The Compendium of Serra without announcing it, this will be for minor changes such as typos or clarifications. You can see the last time a page in The Compendium of Serra was updated by navigating to that page and scrolling to the very bottom.

We would never update The Compendium of Serra with something important without letting the community know about the change.


"Please let there be another round of the crates. Missed the previous one cause I thought there were still plenty left but thousands were sold out within 24hours lol."

We were also taken aback by the speed of the crate sales during July and August. We did not expect them to sell out either!

There will be more card sets in the future, right now though we are concentrating on the Transcendent and Base Sets.

Early adopters

"good luck. And give early community some rewards opportunity ;)"

"Please give some free stuff to people who bought crates earlier"

"Just a suggestion to reward the early adoptors with airdrops, like, I'm rank 650ish in alpha fame, but nothing has happened with it. Maybe give a monthly reward to top 1000 alpha holders to encourage more people to stake. Cheers"

For a short while longer, everyone that creates an account on will receive:

one of the three limited Tech-Pioneer Cards in Golden Animated; Closed Alpha access; Tech-Pioneer Card Back; Tech-Pioneer Avatar Frame; and Tech-Pioneer Avatar.

Furthermore, everyone that has collected any Alpha Fame from depositing their crates, or by playing the Closed Alpha in the future, will be able to use that Alpha Fame to customize their cards in exclusive ways or to swap it for other limited edition NFTs.

The Alpha Fame rewards are not finalized yet and so are subject to change, however, some of the potential awards could include: Promo Cards; Alpha Fame avatar frame; unit spawn animations; Alpha Fame card backs; or limited edition cosmetic card upgrades.

In addition to these rewards, we have already given away super-rare Golden Tickets to Serra, even rarer Halloween21 crates, Decentraland wearable Bagni masks, and numerous crates of each type through our #giveaway Discord channel to our early community members.

We have more plans for Riddle Events and other giveaways in the future too.

Having said all this, we are looking at ways in which we could reward those Serrans who have been patiently holding crates for a long time as an acknowledgment of how much we value your support.

Economy & token economics

"Hello SoS friends, we are very excited to open the packs and play. However, I’m worried about the game’s economy. I’m concerned we will not get any crypto for the wins and or any advantage by buying better cards. Making all my cards available for the opponent to use also doesn’t seem healthy for the game’s economy."

As can be seen in the wider web3 gaming sector, how a game creates its economy is very important and it is something we are thinking hard about. We have never said that we wouldn’t ever reward players in crypto, however, we do want to appeal to a wide range of trading card game enthusiasts and we believe that using volatile assets in-game could discourage some people from trying Synergy of Serra.

We have a fully designed concept for our ecosystem which could feature our own cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools, and NFT rewards, amongst other things. However, due to the fast-moving nature of the space, we do not feel that it is the right time to introduce them.

In the main, we want to focus on rewarding skilled Serrans, as stated in The Compendium of Serra: a huge reward pool will be shared by those players who reach the minimum threshold on the leaderboard, with the rewards growing further up the leaderboard you place. Each season will be held over a fixed period of time with rewards each season.

We expect the rewards to be varied, ranging from $USDC/$DAI to SCRAP or ERC-20 crafting materials, to prizes and tokens from other cool games and projects.

Competitive advantage is something you have to work for on Serra. We are not pay-to-win and will never be, we are skill-to-win. This ethos runs through our game design and is one of the reasons why we are inventing the deckbuilding trading card game genre. Our shared deck mechanic is key to this. We are confident that people will find ways to be competitive, it just means that it won’t necessarily be the people willing to spend the most money that find the most competitive advantage.

Having said that we do believe that there are advantages to owning your own cards.

"I’m not sure if scrap alone has the strength to hold a play-2-earn ecosystem. As far as I know, it will be the reward for playing the game, but you’ll only spend it after new sets releases, which make it a seasonal utility currency and not daily."

"Hopefully, SOS follows a model similar and maybe improve upon splinterland's model with the card rentals, card appreciation, and good rewards. SOS to the moon!"

SCRAP is still a work in progress and is likely to not be our only in-game reward. As noted above, we take the game economy and token economics very seriously and there will be a variety of rewards for Serrans.

A card rental system is certainly something that we are considering for inclusion in the game's ecosystem. The blockchain seems ideally suited for interactions of this nature.

The web3 gaming sector is changing very quickly, a little over six months ago there were only a few basic play-to-earn ecosystems. Now there is much more variety in games, ecosystems, and models. It would be irresponsible of us not to be monitoring the successes and failures of other game economies to learn from them.

"I know your main goal is free to play buy my goal is play to earn thats why i invested huge amount in this game. So if you guys could do more things for play o earn people. I mean some governance coin with staking utility + some cards which can only be get through crates + bigger win rewards for people who holds crates or paid cards + some kind of land or property purchase etc. I hope you understand what i am trying to say and think about it."

"Do an airdrop like gods or splinterland :D"

The game is still in development so the team is still working on the game economy and any potential token economics and whether there is a need to have an ERC-20 token or whether in-game tokens will be sufficient.

As said above, it would be irresponsible of us not to be monitoring the successes and failures of other game economies to learn from them. The web3 gaming sector is changing very quickly, a little over six months ago there were only a few basic play-to-earn ecosystems. Now there is much more variety in games, ecosystems, and models with plenty for us to take inspiration from.


"At the moment it seems you only listen to feedback that re-enforces what you already believe (justification for no dates on roadmap, etc.). People repeatedly complaining about lack of updates, need to realize it's a sign that you're not communicating enough."

We know that some of our wider communication hasn’t been perfect, but we always listen to all feedback in our Discord server and we respond to everyone that contributes in a constructive manner. We welcome feedback and we feel that this is well known among our server community members.

It’s true that there are a few members of the community that do repeatedly complain, but we believe in everyone’s right to voice concerns which is why we address their comments every time they repeat them.

We are very active in our Discord community because we believe it is important that we listen to the community, however, we also believe it is important that we make the decisions that we believe are the right decisions.

Future card sets

"more transparency when it comes to financial interests example: more crates / expansions / sales before even a playable alpha is out?"

"Maintain the vakue of cards and release only fo sale if the community already reach the tripple amount of member as of now"

We haven’t commented much on this as we are yet to release the two known card sets, the only comment we have made so far regarding future expansion card sets is that we will have them. This has been known since the beginning due to there being six Factions on Serra and we have only revealed art for four of them.

We will not put any arbitrary restrictions on when we will or will not release future expansion card sets, but we do promise to talk to the community about the timing of the release of any new expansion card sets.


"Please make the gameplay short, some of us have day job and don't have much time to play if it's too long."

We aim to have games that last between 10 and 20 minutes. Long enough to be in-depth and complex, but quick enough to accommodate busy schedules.

"Can we see some gameplay demo leak :) ?"

Our prototype client is not ready to share publicly. However, as soon as it is we will prepare images and videos to release. Until then we will publish as much information about gameplay as we can. This article introducing the deckbuilding trading card game genre is a great place to start.

"I expect it to be a rank mode that I can work on enthusiastically."

We will have seasonal ranked leaderboards. These will likely take place quarterly and use an ELO/MMR system for matching players. Rewards will be determined at the end of each season, as will the titles, such as Sage of Serra, that people win.

"Hope you will make a video tutorial in your youtube channel about the actual gameplay for guys like me who has no experience in card game. But who is excited and eager to learn your play to skill gameplay. Thank you so much Serrans."

We will provide lots of information about the different aspects of gameplay and how to play in the run-up to starting the Closed Alpha phase. However, we also anticipate that many community members will want to share and discuss their strategies in the community and we will likely create dedicated channels, named #share-your-deck or similar, to facilitate this.

It will also be very exciting to see people streaming and discussing their match-ups live on Twitch or documented on YouTube. We can't wait!


"Please leave gender ideology out of this game."

It is very important to us to make our Discord server a friendly and welcoming place. Everyone must be able to feel that they can be who they want to be and talk openly and freely no matter how they self-identify. No one should be judged for simply being themselves.

We see nothing ideological in wanting people to be happy and comfortable in our community.


"Please Include the "Brazilian Portuguese" language in the game and in everything about the game. Synergy of Serra already has tons of fans in Brazil and they should be considered! Spanish traductions are need for a complete experience. keep up the good work guys! also if possible can u make this game multi language ? it should attract more player."

Introducing multiple languages to our game is a top priority for the full release. We will monitor the situation during Alpha and Beta phases to decide whether to offer the game in different languages.

"optionally a more sophisticated level of English would be appreciated once game is launched"

We aim to keep our use of language as close to Plain English as possible. We have a global audience and want to be able to communicate clearly and precisely without using jargon, acronyms, or uncommon vocabulary. We believe that everyone should have access to clear and concise information.

Marketing & hype

"I think your marketing is very soft. I hearing many videos about upcoming the best play to earn game and it is rare to find this game. I like the project but your marketing it is a big Problem."

"hire some social media influencers before releasing the projects."

"We need to push Marketing hard closer to launch, Influencers can blow this project up"

"Synergy of Serra is really good in their art. The Marketing is a bit less explosive, but the skill-to-win looks very promising, so I'm here to stay."

This is a conscious decision as marketing isn’t a priority of ours at this stage in our development. We have over 58,000 accounts ready for when the Closed Alpha launches, and we’re sure there will be more than this when we start to send the invites out for people to take part.

We prefer to grow more organically but when we do decide to start marketing the project it will be in coordination with a fully developed marketing strategy.

"I love the concept and love the art but I fear that the length of the wait will cause the hype around the project to die a bit. I understand there’s a lot of things behind the scenes I have no insight into but that’s just my two cents… just want what’s best for the project"

"Develop the fuckin game faster instead of some hype"

It is interesting that some people think that there isn't enough hype, yet others think we are all hype. As stated above, we have consciously not embarked on a marketing and hype campaign due to the stage of development that we are in.

We assure you that our focus is on the game and not on hype.

Furthermore, we are confident that, when the time is right, our project will have all the ingredients to make sure that it gets the attention it deserves.


"Please fix crates for trading on open sea."

"The lack of communication from game developers and slowness to release new content is worrisome. but not having a working marketplace to trade crates is unacceptable and a big black eye. hope I don't regret such a huge investment in this."

We chose to release our crates as fungible ERC-1155 standard tokens so that we could ensure on-chain randomness when opening, ensure that each crate was identical, allow for the ease of sharding crates, and for other technical reasons.

Unfortunately, we did not anticipate that so few marketplaces would support this accepted industry standard.

However, the biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, now supports the trading of our Transcendent and Base Set crates. Please double-check that you are trading the official collection, we have links in our Discord server if you are unsure.


"In the future if cards can give life to characters to go into metaverse then that will be big n the long run."

"Your art of the card is so nice, I'm very excited to see all of the card's design. So if the card can use more effect than 2D card to 3D visual of monter, look like a hologram to show off the 3D sculpture or something about synnergy asset to showup that can show the visual in exhibition art in the game or another metaverse about our own NFT, so it's gonna be crazy huge and let another people interested to the synergy of serras more than the card game, its can feel love this NFT-asset like it a part of life that can use in our blockchain and metaverse world. Keep going!"

"I don't know how the dynamics of the game will be, but they must take into account that metaverses, augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming stronger and stronger…"

The future of gaming and metaverses is truly exciting and one that we will keep a close eye on, we are building a game around deep and rich lore with the potential to adapt it to differing mediums.

Who knows what the future holds, however, our current focus is on developing for the Closed Alpha release.


"Please do the same as Splinterlands! Focus on the Community and a strong eco system, where every Player can benefit. No Pay to win please ;-)"

"please PLEASE dont do this game like skyweaver with the ranked games rigged to help the top "Pro" players, give all players the same opportunities, and inspire a bit of the(skyweaver and not from gods unchained) thanks and i will be there forever!!"

"Hoping those of us who missed out on the crates aren't at a huge disadvantage. thanks"

Our game is built around skill-to-win as we believe that talent should not be restricted by how much money it can spend. The game mechanics are being designed so good free-to-play players can be just as competitive as good players who own cards while retaining reasons for people to buy cards and crates.

For those who feel like they have missed out, crates are traded regularly on the secondary market so you can pick some up there. In addition, there will be future expansion card sets too.


"the community needs to have access to the game somehow, it's been months of waiting and nothing so far"

"we have to start some simple gameplay to let early adopters to interact with game and promote it"

We already have a small but dedicated Pre-Alpha community. This includes some very, very early supporters, the team, our lovely Voluntary Moderators, and other specially invited card game enthusiasts. Everyone involved has signed a non-disclosure agreement due to the sensitive nature of the stage of development.

If you have created an account on then you will get access to the Alpha version of the game after its launch.

We’re not looking to actively promote the game at this moment in its stage of development.

"I'm playing games for 30 years so I'm a practiced player and I'm happy to be a tester if you will planning to do a tester phase then please let me know! :)"

Our pre-Alpha community is currently a close-knit group of experienced players that we have invited to playtest the prototype game. They play practice matches, compete in tournaments, give feedback, hunt for and report bugs and test different variations of the game’s settings.

At the moment we are not looking to expand this group, but we are considering developing an application process whereby experienced and enthusiastic card game players can join this dedicated group.

Other games

"what's taking the game so long? alot of nft games have appeared already, metaverse is on the rise...if SoS doesn't act fast it'll be over before it even starts for SoS"

"The project is taking a lot of time to launch, i know its hard to develop games and its better to release a fully working project but it seems to be taking more than what I expected. Other games have grown so much that started together or after SoS, say farmers world, monsta infinite, Cryptomines to say a few =)"

"I know that it takes time to build a great game but can we fast track the road map because some of OG are now transferring to different new released game"

We are building a brand new game with innovative game mechanics, a deep and rich lore, and well-thought-out art. This will inevitably take longer to develop than some of the games mentioned in the comments.

Our aim is to build a game that isn’t just a blockchain game, it will be a game that defines a new genre in trading card games and breaks into mainstream consciousness. In this context, watching other games launch has zero bearing on our game and timeline.


"to be honest, I think what attracted me early on was the listing on Steam. It gave the project enough credibility that I've been following it ever since. Now Steam is no longer in the picture, but I still hope this game will take off in a big way! I currently play GU and Splinterlands so am familiar with crypto TCG landscape. I hope, in terms of token and game economics you guys can take more pointers from splinterlands. Ultimately, while we are all here to play a game, we're also in it to earn good money, and I hope the devs will keep that in mind. Splinter has so far been very generous to their player base and everyone who has backed them early has absolutely no regrets (most are richer by many times over!). Hopefully the same can be achieved for early backers of this project!"

"Looking forward to having a great opportunity in this play-to-earn game just like Axie Infinity."

Good money is a very subjective concept, and while most people have expressed an interest in the play-to/and-earn ecosystem, not everyone has.

We have a fully designed concept for our in-game economy which could feature our own cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools, and NFT rewards, amongst other things. However, due to the fast-moving nature of the space, we do not feel that it is the right time to introduce them.

Therefore, our concepts are still work-in-progress while we continue to monitor and tweak them. The in-game economy and ecosystem will take time to develop as it is very important to get right.

We have always been open with the fact that during the Alpha stage the play-to/and-earn elements of the game will likely be limited, focusing mostly on Alpha Fame. One important reason for doing this while we are in the Alpha phase is to be able to thoroughly test our play-and-earn mechanics. In our opinion, testing and adjusting now will be better for the full release with the wide range of rewards we are planning and that everyone will have access to.

As part of this development process, we will be researching many game economies to see what works and what doesn’t and then to determine what will work for our game economy. We are always open to suggestions for examples to look at and ideas that we could adopt, as people who spend time in our Discord know.

Finally, it probably isn’t helpful to liken our game to Axie Infinity, we certainly don’t. Although it is probably the most famous blockchain game it is very different from our own and is itself going through a substantial evolution in terms of game mechanics and game economy that will take place over multiple years.


"Seems to be a ton of creates, i am top 35 in alpha fame..but seems like it wont make profit.. game is free to play so no need for any of my cards. Plus even if i hit a decent card there are so many available. I just dont see how this will make me back what i spent."

We are not here to make you profit, we use the blockchain to empower our community through the ability to own your own game assets.

The game will be free-to-play, and always will be. We want to be able to offer the experience of playing Synergy of Serra to as many people as possible. There are still good reasons to buy crates and cards, but this is a value judgment that each person should make on their own.

While it’s true that there will be 2.4 million individual cards to come from the Transcendent Set crates, only ~100,000 of those will be Epic cards and ~20,000 will be Legendary cards. Of those, there will be six different Legendary cards and seven Epic different cards in the Transcendent Set. This works out at ~14,300 of each Epic card and ~3,333 of each Legendary card.

There will be cards that are scarcer still when we account for Quality. For example, our opening test runs have shown that the Gold Legendary cards should typically number between 18 and 43 each.

This seems very scarce and special to us, especially as Synergy of Serra cards are not just a game asset to be traded in an attempt to make a profit, but they are also a collectible that we hope will become cherished by millions all over the world.

Progress bar

"when opening please. 91% already for 3 months :)"

"How was the art and visuals going on? Last time I check it was 91 % already but it was so long ago. Hope you guys updated the community Members."

"Why is t crate opening event progress stuck at 91% for months and months... It feels like downloading a game and getting stuck at 99%!"

"When is tha game actually launching or at keast crate opening? the progress on your site is stuck at 91% does that mean after the sale of t-crates there was no progress at all?"

We know that the progress bar on the website has been a source of frustration for some in the community, and we totally understand this. We now know that we got a few things wrong with the way we calculated the percentage and how we communicated it.

We will have a brand new system in place to measure the Base Set's progress more accurately and more transparently.

Renting cards

"My suggestion is those who did not buy any crates can rent a deck so the owner can gain profit and the one who rented the cards can earn in game token."

Renting cards is an interesting mechanic that blockchain technology allows for. This is certainly something that we will look into to see if there is demand for this service.

We know that third parties are constantly innovating in this space and it may be that we develop a partnership with one of these projects rather than develop a system internally. We will explore all possibilities to bring as much utility to our cards as possible.

Riddle Events

"I participated on the Halloween riddle (unfortunately didn't get the crate) and I loved it. I think it would be fun to have those more often while the game is being developed, as well as some puzzle game mode or some misterious events about the lore."

We loved the Halloween21 Riddle Event too! We want to do more!


"When is the crate opening? The progress has been stalled for a few months now. It would be great if we can know the rough timeline"

"A bit more communication and timeline would be nice :)"

"Can we get an updated roadmap or maybe an updated Whitepaper about the changes (if there's any). And also, could there be like a placeholder for the game just to let people know that the game is progressing and investors like me won't lose interest. I am also a content creator and I hope there'll be something to let my followers know about the game. Thank you very much and I wish all the best for the development team. Let's go Serrans!"

We acknowledge that we have made mistakes in this regard. We have listened and have been giving more detail on the progress of development for our next big milestone, the Transcendent Set Crate Unlocking Event. We have been posting this in our Discord server and in The Serra Chronicle.

We will try to continue to improve how we communicate development progress. However, as stated in our December update, we will not be setting estimated dates for milestones.


"i play many other blockchain games and provide over 40 play2earn scholarhips in a variety of games... our guild would really like to get involved more in SOS but we are waiting to see how profitable the play2earn economy will be and if scholarship accounts can be supported"

At this moment we cannot say if “scholarship” arrangements will be viable in Synergy of Serra as our central tenets are providing a free-to-play and skill-to-win experience.

We have been clear from the outset that these two values will remain core to our project, we are even hoping to see free-to-play players become the Sage of Serra one day too.

Staking cards

"Would like to see in the game some kind of staking of NFT cards. Players will not sell them, but only buy and keep."

This is an interesting mechanic that the blockchain allows for. We will have to think hard about whether to implement a system to stake cards or not to make sure that it works in harmony with the game's economy and not just have staking because it is possible to do it.

Inspired by the sticker album we used to collect as children, one idea we are playing with at the moment is to be able to earn a reward, possibly crafting materials or Fame, if a card collection is full. For example, if you hold every Bronze card from the Natives Faction you are rewarded, or if you hold Bagni the Triggered in every different Quality, you are rewarded.

As said, we are always thinking of new ideas for our game ecosystem and we will continue to monitor and tweak these ideas until we are ready to implement them.


"Please make this game play to earn despite conflicts with steam."

"I’m worried about steam not cooperate with this game.. maybe can cooperate with Axie , because they have ronin and experience"

Blockchain technology is central to our game, this will not change. We use the blockchain to empower our community through the ability to own your own game assets and receive rewards for performing well. We are monitoring the situation with Steam but we have our own game client so we are not reliant on Steam or any other platform to host us.

Virtual reality

"I wish that the game was designed in VR as a future expansion in mind. Board games in VR just as mind blowing as blockchain tech and as the headsets becoming cheaper and mainstream in the next year or 2, you may have a first move advantage over others if you consider this option."

We're excited to see the future of technology unfold before our eyes. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are something that we will keep an eye on. We are in no rush to adapt our game to incorporate virtual reality, but, if the opportunity presents itself it could be something that we would look at.

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