Phase 2 | The Unlocking

What cards did you get?

When the countdown timer in The Collection reaches zero, the crates will start to unlock. We will host this momentous occasion live in our Discord server so we can all watch together as the first crates are unlocked and, hopefully, opened.

It is important to know that the crates will not be opened for you. Each crate deposited by a Serran will have to be opened by its owner. However, due to our system of unlocking and then opening, there is no need to be online at the time your crate is unlocked so there will be no need for anyone to rush to be the first to open their crates.

To help reduce the fear of missing out, mint numbers will be assigned at the end of The Collection and will depend on the crate’s final position in the queue. Furthermore, as we demonstrated in the test runs, the contents of each crate will be completely random from start to finish.

Some may opt to take a casual approach to the Crate Unlocking Event, but those that want to be more involved will see our website update in real-time with information on what cards are being drawn and which crate is due to be opened next.

There will also be a new Discord bot going live at the same time. Anyone will be able to use a simple command in our Discord server to bring up information on any card.

This Phase will end when all the crates have been unlocked. There will be a counter on the website monitoring the unlocking progress.

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