What are Minting Device Keys?

The only way to get a golden animated Starter card.

Reminder: the game is still in development and everything is subject to change.

Tell me more about Minting Device Keys.

  • The Keys are unique NFTs, and there are currently just six (6) different ones.

  • Each key is a tradable, extremely rare object only found in Base Set Crates.

  • Each unique key grants the power to refine any copy of a specific card into its highest quality golden animated card.

  • Only the holder of that key decides the price for their service, and each key holder could price their service differently.

What is the chance of getting a Minting Device Key in my crate?

There are six Keys in total and 400,000 Base Set crates in which to find one.

The exact draw chance upon opening a crate is determined at the very moment of opening the crate. It is decided by a very clever formula designed by the team, which changes every time a crate is opened.

Which cards does a Key affect?

  • Each Key is linked to a specific card and can modify the quality of any copy of that card only.

  • The card is a specific card from the Starter Set. Every player receives these cards for free.

  • There is no other way to get a Starter Set card in golden animated except through these keys.

  • Cards from the Starter Set are not NFTs, so you are not able to sell them or golden versions of them.

Is it possible to sell the golden version of a Starter Set card?

No, if you could sell the golden version, you would undermine the power of the Keyholder.

Can the Key holder change the gold upgrading service price at any time?

Yes, it can be changed at any time. The holder has complete control. There are no upper or lower limits to what they could charge.

Could a Key holder sell their Key?

Yes. All six Keys are NFTs and can be bought, sold, and traded if the holder wishes.

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