Synergy of Serra

How much are crates?

On the 3 September 2021 (depending on your timezone) both the Base Set and Transcendent Set crates sold out. There will be no more crates of these types, EVER!
Pre-sale has SOLD OUT, there will not be another pre-sale.
There will be more expansion packs in the future! However, a release date for any new expansion set is yet to be announced.

Do you run a referral system to invite friends?

No. The crates have SOLD OUT.

Do you offer discounts for buying a lot of crates at once?

No. At this early stage the tiered pricing structure should be discount enough.

How can I still buy Base and Transcendent Crates?

The only way to buy crates at the moment is by trading with another Serran in our Discord server, if someone is willing to sell that is.
Be aware though that any trades discussed in #trading are executed at your own risk. Peer-to-peer trades are risky and we really don't recommend doing p2p trading. Especially p2p trades without a middleman are highly risky.
For tips on trading safely please see Tips to trade crates safely.

Can I shard my crate and trade the shards?

Yes, in the future the team aim to introduce features where you will be able to split a crate up into pieces and trade with those pieces as well as gain liquidity provider rewards in shards (see How will I sell my items?).