Get key. Play prototype. Be Happy.

Keys for access

We want to continue to grow the playing community sustainably; therefore, we have decided to use an early access key system that many games use.

From now on, anyone who signs up on the website will need a key to get access to play the prototype. The key is a code you enter on the website, and access will be granted.

There will be many opportunities to get hold of a key, though. We will be giving them away in our Discord server and on Twitter, as will our burgeoning community of content creators.

Go and follow these Serrans below to know exactly when they post or go live so you can be in with a chance of getting an access key.

Hanzo Diamond || Meta || Otter || summerflame || Polterghyst || kartoha || tradergl3n || fecoxa

What should I expect from the prototype?

We have come a long way since we played with our original wire-frame model of the game, from adjustments to our leveling and trashing mechanics to card changes and Faction balancing. Not only that, the prototype has never looked so good. The wire-frame model is no more.

Despite this, the game client is still only a prototype. So dramatic sound effects, stunning graphics, and wild animations are being reserved for the release client, which we are currently building in Unity.

As such, we will be looking for as much relevant feedback as possible from the Proto-Alpha community. We will provide details on this, but we will need the feedback to concentrate on gameplay and core game mechanics rather than graphics, sound effects, or animations. Of course, we welcome all suggestions, but the priority at the moment is gameplay, gameplay, gameplay.

Become the Sage of Serra

We look forward to seeing you in the game lobbies and queuing for opponents, chatting about your decks and exchanging strategies, and rising the ranks to compete to become the Sage of Serra.

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