Quick take

Synergy of Serra merges the best elements of Trading Card Games and deck-building games.

Note: for up-to-date information on rules and how the game is played, please see the Learn to play section in the game client.

  • Similar to deck-building games: construction is the main gameplay element.

  • Similar CCGs: each player has their own deck.

  • The game is free-to-play.

  • On Serra players’ individual decks are pooled at the start of each game.

  • Use resources of Energy and Credits to buy cards from the shared card pool.

  • Unit cards: armed with attack, defence and attachment slots.

  • Attachment cards: used to augment your unit cards

  • Power cards: used to heal, damage or buff unit cards.

  • A game of Synergy of Serra could typically last for 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Both types of crates are now SOLD OUT via the website.

What type of game is it?

In Synergy of Serra you battle with fellow Serran commanders for control of the highest military seat on Serra and receive the honor of commanding all Serran forces against the mysterious impending threat.

Inspired by classic deck-building games, Synergy of Serra uses the construction of a deck as the main element of gameplay.

It is similar to Trading Card Games in that each player has their own deck. However, unlike Trading Card Games, the majority of the deck is built during the game instead of before the game. Players will use a set amount of Energy and Credits to build their deck each turn.

The winner will be the player who reduces their opponent's hero to 0 life points.

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