Why play Synergy of Serra?
An overview of what life on Serra is like.

Quick take

  • Merges the best of Collectable Card Games (CCGs) and deck-building games.
  • Play for free with the Starter Set and free versions of the Base Set cards.
  • Skill-to-Win, Play-to-Earn: innovative game mechanics reduce pay-to-win and level the playing field.
  • Blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) mean ownership, transparency and trust.
  • There are no fees on Serra: say goodbye to annoying gas fees.

What makes Synergy of Serra different to other digital Trading Card Games?

Free-to-Play: with over 70 different cards for free, full access to all features, no adverts and a shared pooled deck mechanic Synergy of Serra truly is free-to-play.
Skill-To-Win: There used to be hardcore games, now once more. We put the focus on your skill, not your wallet.
Infinite Game Experience: your card deck and strategy evolve and change every turn through deckbuilding mechanics resulting in endless unique battles.
Play-to-Earn: move up the seasonal rankings and be in-line to win rewards that you can keep or trade.
Real marketplaces: trade and exchange all in-game assets for real money through true ownership via the blockchain.
Transparency and trust: data like drop rates, card supply and rarities are available to everybody, trade and strategise with perfect knowledge of the market.
Empowering gamers: we share unique Minting Device Keys with the community to enable you, as the Synergy of Serra players, to create and rule over specific in-game items.
No Entry Barriers: Your grandma is already playing it! No wallets, no plugins, no fees required.
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Quick take
What makes Synergy of Serra different to other digital Trading Card Games?