The Market

Trade cards and fill the Rewards Vault!
On 1st August, the Synergy of Serra Market will go live. In the meantime, you can claim a small gift of scrap from us. Log in to the website and claim the Š2,500 airdrop. As soon as the Market goes live, you will be able to use this to begin trading with other Serrans.
To be eligible for the airdrop, you needed to have an account before 7th July 2023. The last day to claim the airdrop is 26th August 2023. This helps us say thank you to our active community of Serrans and to prevent new accounts from being created solely for free scrap.
Bodai Haggler by José Ochoa

Buy, buy, buy… sell, sell, sell

Markets are for trading, and this one is no different. In our Market, you will be able to buy cards and items that are listed for sale by other Serrans and also list cards and items for sale that other Serrans may want to buy.
Your trading options are not limited to cards, though. Card backs, game boards, board decorations, or avatars are all examples of things that you will be able to trade with other Serrans in the future.
These cosmetic items won’t be sold by us, though. Instead, they will be items created by redeeming Alpha Fame. To us, this is a signal of intent that we want our game economy to be player-driven. It is up to Serrans to list the cards and items they deem surplus to their requirements and for other Serrans who see value in them to pick up. All the trading in the Market will be peer-to-peer, Serran-to-Serran.

All with the click of a button

Trading your Synergy of Serra cards will be easy. There is no need for connecting wallets or paying blockchain fees. It’s all in your Synergy of Serra account. Simply log in, navigate to the Market, and start trading with other Serrans.
Despite this simplicity, all trades are executed transparently and securely on the blockchain.

Rewards Vault

As a result of all this trading, the community will benefit. Every trade will have a small fee taken from it. Of all the fees taken, half will go into the Rewards Vault, ready to be redistributed back to the community through the seasonal leaderboard. The other half will be burned as a way to help keep the game economy healthy.
More Serrans trading means a bigger Rewards Vault. As the game grows and gains players and traders, so will the Rewards Vaults.
Marbolg, the Anomaly by Brian Valeza

Scrap it and grab it

The means of exchange for the Market will be our in-game currency, scrap. Serrans can receive scrap by selling items to other players, buying scrap in the Shop, or competing to receive their share from the Rewards Vault. Hotly anticipated and coming soon, Serrans will be able to recycle cards for scrap.
Once a Serran has their scrap, they can spend it on buying cards and cosmetic items from other players or buying crates from the Shop. All of this will contribute to filling the Rewards Vault. Don’t forget to claim your free Š2,500 scrap airdrop now!

The Future of the Market

With the soon-to-be-introduced features of items redeemable with Alpha Fame and the scrapping mechanic, we are creating the foundations for a healthy game economy. We want to see Serrans trading cards and cosmetic items to add to their collections. The Base Set Crate Unlocking Event is not too far away either, creating more opportunities for trading and recycling cards.
We want to create a sustainable, circular economy where your rewards expand the more players are participating. Our easy-to-use Market is at the heart of that vision.