Synergy of Serra

Quick take

The Transcendent Set Crate Unlocking Event.
Reminder: the game is still in development and everything is subject to change.

The essential information

  • You can deposit your Transcendent Set crates from 6th November 2022.
  • You can open your unlocked Transcendent Set crates from 20th November 2022.
  • All deposited Transcendent Set crates will be queued in a random order before opening.
  • Base Set crates are not ready to be opened yet.
We highly recommend reading all the information about the Crate Unlocking Event.

What will happen at the Crate Unlocking Event?

Those Serrans who want to open their Transcendent Set crates must first decide how many crates to deposit. Then they will need to deposit them into our custom Crate Unlocking Event interface.
There will be a two-week window to deposit crates where all deposited crates will be assigned a random position in a queue. At the end of this period, our crate unlocking mechanism will start to unlock the owners’ crates.
This whole process is broken down into Phases to make it clear to all Serrans what is happening:
Phase 0 | The Countdown Phase 1 | The Collection Phase 2 | The Unlocking Phase 3 | The Celebration
There is an overview of each of the Phases below, but there is much more information in the following pages. We highly recommend you read all the information available.

What about my Base Set crates?

You can't unlock and open them just yet, there will be a Base Set Crate Unlocking Event in the future. Keep your eye out for updates.

What will happen at each Phase?

Phase 0 | The Countdown

  • A countdown timer will start so all Serrans can get ready to participate in the Crate Unlocking Event.
  • There is no need for Serrans to do anything, but we recommend;
    • informing yourself about the Crate Unlocking Event in more detail, and
    • if you don’t have crates but want to get involved you can buy Transcendent Set crates from other Serrans here.
  • When the countdown finishes we move to Phase 1 | The Collection.

Phase 1 | The Collection | 13:00 UTC 6 Nov 2022

  • Serrans will be able to deposit Transcendent Set crates for two weeks, indicated by a new countdown timer.
  • When Serrans deposit crates they will join a queue in the order of their randomly generated numbers.
  • There is no need to rush to deposit. Each crate has the same chance of being the first or last in the queue due to the randomly generated order.
  • When the countdown finishes we move to Phase 2 | The Unlocking.

Phase 2 | The Unlocking | 13:00 UTC 20 Nov 2022

  • When this phase begins, the Council of the Six will start to unlock the crates in order. Important: you will be opening your unlocked crates, not us.
  • We will host a live event in our Discord.
  • The mint numbers of new cards will be assigned when the crates are unlocked, not when they are opened, so there is no need to rush to open your crates. Come and join our party in Discord!
  • When all deposited crates are unlocked we move to Phase 3 | The Celebration.

Phase 3 | The Celebration

  • When the queue is empty, all unlocked crates will be ready to be opened by Serrans, and any other crate can be opened immediately without having to join the queue.
  • There will be information and statistics about the event on the website for everyone to look at.

Why have a Crate Unlocking Event?

The Crate Unlocking Event has an underlying aim of trying to establish fairer opening conditions. In some blockchain games and projects, people can be unfairly disadvantaged through time zone differences or some people create unfair advantages for themselves through the use of bots. The Crate Unlocking Event aims to reduce this imbalance and give everyone the same chance to be at the front of the queue.
The Unlocking Event is a great way to share the celebration of reaching such a significant milestone with our early supporters who have been waiting patiently to be able to open their crates.
It is also a way to celebrate the art and the hard work the team of artists has devoted to conceptualizing, designing, developing, and creating the amazing Synergy of Serra artwork and animations.