Holographic Data Cards

Serrans use data cards to direct Units, use Attachments, and enact Powers on their way to victory and glory in the Grand Tournament.

Crates hold six holographic data cards whose unique IDs are digitally engrained on the inside of six plates just above the Crates' centerline.

Straightforwardly labeled by the media as Champions Tools, these are the data cards a Champion holds in their battles. Serrans compete using data cards to direct Units, use Attachments, and enact Powers within the Arena Dome. The corresponding nanobot representations act out all these battle events to keep Serrans safe from the dangers of a real battle.

Units are the troops you deploy to the battlefield that fight against each other to achieve victory. These troops could be any citizen of Serra; a royal bodyguard, a medical aid bot, a courier, or even a scrapyard scavenger.

Equally, individual Serrans have been handpicked by the Council of the Six for a particular trait they possess. Any specific skill, technology, physical attribute, or knowledge that could apply in a battle scenario will have been assessed by teams within the Council chambers for appropriation to the cause.

In the case of named individuals on Serra, those selected have been endowed with great honor and have had their core traits translated to the holographic cards used in the Grand Tournament. This allows them to be easily represented in various battle simulations and even as duplicates in the same battle.

Alongside Units, a Champion also has Attachments and Powers at their disposal. Each provides intriguing options for battle strategy.

Attachments are augmentations a Champion can add to a Unit. After centuries of peace on Serra, the Council of the Six has had to be especially inventive in their repurposing. However, it has succeeded in identifying many new use cases for existing tech on Serra leading to delivery drones, mining rigs, or even personal and wearable technology being repurposed into strategic battle devices. The classic example is the Railgun, once used in controlled demolitions and excavations; it is now a lumbering but powerful shoulder-mounted heavy weapon.

Powers are rapid-fire strategic devices that the Champion can call in when needed. For example, a barrage of rockets, a rapid assault maneuver, or a holographic trap. Although more of these are purpose-built, there is still evidence of adaptation in nitro dust, repairing protocols, and manipulation of the Source.

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