How do I read the cards?

Detail about the anatomy of the cards.
Note: as the game is played and tested throughout the Alpha phase there may be changes to the cards if it has the potential to improve user experience and gameplay.
Top left: Energy and Credits are situated in the top left of the cards. Energy is represented by the same colour as the card's Faction and Credits is represented in gold.
Top middle: The name of the card and the Faction it is from are at the top of the card.
Top middle: The name of the owner of the card is just below the name of the card.
The border: Quality is indicated by the colour of the card's border.
Left-hand border: Up to four Attachment slots will run down the left-hand side of a Unit's border.
Bottom left: Rarity is shown by how many of the four tabs in the bottom left are filled in. From one being Common to four meaning Legendary.
Bottom left: Also in the bottom left will be a symbol to indicate which card Set it belongs to.
Bottom middle: The cards abilities are found at the bottom. For Units this will typically be Attack and Defence ratings marked out by the red rockets and blue shield. For Attachment and Power cards there will typically be a description.