How will the game flow?

Suitcase & Card Pool

Before a game starts, each player creates a Suitcase full of 100 cards. When an opponent is matched, both suitcases are poured onto the table creating the Card Pool. Both players will share the Card Pool during the game.

Starter Deck

Each player starts the game with only 10 cards (the Starter Set), taking 5 cards to their hand each turn. Whenever a turn is finished, you can choose to keep or discard the remaining hand cards and up to 5 new cards are drawn. So after 2 turns, the deck is potentially empty. Thus, the Discard Pile is shuffled and becomes the Draw Pile again. The deck is played over and over again.


To create a stronger and deeply strategic deck, each turn a player is able to buy new cards from the River putting them into their Discard Pile. The River takes six semi-random cards you can afford from the Card Pool and makes them available to buy.
The River currently chooses two Unit cards, one Power, one Attachment and two other cards at random to make up the six. Newly bought cards go into your Discard Pile.
Here, the two in-game resources, Credits and Energy, become involved. You use your Credits to buy cards from The River, but you can also use some of your Energy to re-roll The River selection in the hope of finding a different card you may want.

Synergy effects

You will gain Faction Points for having multiple units, attachments or powers from the same Faction in play. Faction Points will boost the level of your cards in play, potentially making them more powerful.
All Factions can be played together, we encourage mixing Factions in your Deck and on the Battlefield.


Striking a balance between having a flexible deck and having a bloated deck is essential. Knowing when to move your Deck’s focus from early game to later game cards and deciding when a card has run its course of usefulness for you in the game are all reliant on Trashing.