What are Artifacts?

What more can you tell me about Artifacts?

  • Artifacts are unique NFT game cards and there are 12 different ones in total.

  • Each Artifact is tradable as it is an NFT.

  • They are extremely rare and only currently found in Transcendent Set crates.

  • The card's forgotten power is revealed on discovery.

What chance do I have of getting an Artifact from my crate?

There are 12 Artifacts in total and 400,000 Transcendent Set crates in which to find one, however we do not know exactly how many Artifacts are lost in the Transcendent Set. The exact draw chance upon opening a crate is decided by a very clever formula designed by the team.

Do we know anything else about the Artifacts?

No, at this time we don't know anything more than this. The cards' ancient powers have been lost to the sands of time and they will only reveal themselves when they are discovered.

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