What is Halloween21?

The riddle solver won a unique and spooky prize.

What happened?

For Halloween in 2021, the team hit the community with a surprise riddle event. You can read all about how Discord community member @dukemc#3034 deciphered the multi-stage challenge in this blog post.

For his hard work and clever thinking, he won the Halloween21 crate #0, the only animated Halloween21 crate. In addition, this crate is guaranteed to contain an exclusive promo card which will be the only animated one.

100 other lucky Serrans have also received a Halloween21 crate. The team used a custom-built smart contract to randomly, openly and fairly distribute the crates on-chain from a snapshot of over 13,000 early supporter Serrans who had collected Alpha Fame until 25 October 2021. For the list of winning wallet addresses and to learn more about the process, you can read this blog post.

What is special about the crates?

The crates are special for a few reasons.

  1. Crate #0 is the most special as it is the only animated crate and the only crate that is guaranteed to contain one of the ultra-rare promo cards. However, it is not the only unique crate. Crate #13 was the final clue in the event and has the hidden phrase etched into it. The metadata for both of these crates also differs from the rest.

  2. There are only 101 Halloween21 crates, and if that isn't special and rare enough, for an extra lucky 12 of those 100 non-animated crate holders, their Halloween21 crate will contain a non-animated version of the exclusive promo card. 88 crates will be empty.

  3. But, there is a twist: although the Halloween21 crates are fully tradable, they will be unopenable until 30 November 2022. 13 months after the event started.

The contents of the crates will be decided randomly at the time of opening, but it is up to each crate owner to decide when, or even if, they open their crate. If you open your crate and there is no card, you are left with nothing, but wait too long to open and the promo cards might all get drawn.

The 13 promo cards will not affect gameplay.

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