Is the game play-to-earn?
Reminder: the game is still in development and everything is subject to change.
Note: if you are thinking of buying crates please be aware of the inherent risks involved in supporting any new project. Please also be aware that the developers see this project as a game first and foremost, and not an investment vehicle.
The team are designing play-to-earn into the fabric of Synergy of Serra. This fits with their belief that gamers should have true ownership of their in-game assets.
However, it should be noted that the team's main focus is to disrupt the card game space and create an awesome game that will have a lasting influence on the sector.

Will play-to-earn be active in the Alpha Phase?

The only direct reward for playing the Closed Alpha version of the game will be Alpha Fame and the reward you receive will be dependent on your ranking in the seasonal leaderboard. Please see The Fame for more information.
However, there may be indirect opportunities, such as arbitrage opportunities, please see below for more information.

What kind of play-to-earn can we expect to see?

One thing you can expect to not see in Synergy of Serra is what most people refer to as "grinding" as the game itself will be involved to play and complex to win. Each match up should last between 10 and 20 minutes.
Your reward will depend more on how skilled you play rather than how much you play. For example, small amounts of crafting materials may be earned through simply playing a match, however, more valuable rewards will be earned by those who secure good positions on the seasonal leaderboard.

So how can I play-to-earn?

Synergy of Serra will include various play-to-earn aspects including, but not necessarily limited to:
  • earning Fame;
  • crafting items;
  • placing well in the seasonal leaderboard; and
  • arbitrage opportunities.
The team is always thinking about how they can enrich and refine the game's economy so please get involved in the discussion in the Discord server.

Can you tell me more about earning Fame?

Fame rewards will earn you exclusive and limited edition items. Alpha Fame has already started and if it's successful we may see future versions of the Fame mechanic.
You can read more in The Fame section.

Can you tell me more about crafting?

This is a feature planned for futher down the line, as such there isn't much information available.
At the moment crafting will involve picking up blueprints and materials through playing and using them to create in-game items. At the moment each blueprint will have a specific number of charges, meaning there is a finite amount of NFTs each blueprint you have can generate.
It may also be the case that crafting will require some SCRAP.

Can you tell me more about arbitrage?

Traditionally, arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of the same asset in different markets in order to profit from tiny differences in the asset's listed price.
In Synergy of Serra arbitrage-like opportunities might present themselves if you can find assets for sale on the Marketplace that you think are under-priced or if you think the market is suffering from a temporary dip in demand or bump in supply.
You may be able to exploit short-lived variations in the price of identical or similar in-game assets in different markets or over a period of time.
Of course, trying to make a profit in this way is risky as any market can be unpredictable.

Can you tell me more about ranked seasons leaderboard?

A huge reward pool will be shared by those players who reach the minimum threshold on the leaderboard, with the rewards growing the further up the leaderboard you place.
Each season will be held over a fixed period of time with new rewards each season. The rewards are expected to be varied, ranging from $MATIC to SCRAP or crafting items to prizes and tokens from outside organisations.