So, Alpha Fame?

"The light of the dawn is not so sweet as the first glimpses of fame."

What is Alpha Fame?

To support our community we enable early adopters to lock their crates by sending them to the Arena Domes of Serra. Through the presence of your good will you will earn Alpha Fame.

The population of Serra is limited, meaning a total of 10,000,000 Alpha Fame is distributed per week. This Fame is divided between all supporters of Serra according to their presence per week. The more crates you have deposited and sent to the Arena Domes, the more Fame you will earn.

When did Alpha Fame start?

It started distributing at 18:00 UTC on 6th April 2021 and will finish when the Alpha Phase of the game ends. Alpha Fame distribution is limited to this period only.

How flexible is depositing and withdrawing crates?

There are no minimum or maximum amounts you can deposit, and you can near-instantly withdraw and deposit anytime you want to for free. You can also deposit again after withdrawing if you changed your mind.

In addition, Alpha Fame rewards are calculated every two seconds, so there is no need to time your deposit or withdrawal.

Is there any difference between crates for Fame?

10,000,000 Alpha Fame is distributed weekly between all participants as Daily Fame and updates every two seconds.

Each asset group that is eligible for Alpha Fame will be allocated a pool of Fame from the total weekly Fame and then distributed within that. We will publish more details on this.

Can I win Alpha Fame?

When the Alpha Phase launches and the game is gradually playable to those on the Closed Alpha list, you will gain notoriety and, more importantly, Fame.

Distribution of the Fame will change at this point, and 70% of the 10,000,000 weekly Fame will go to those ranking high enough on the leaderboard. The remaining 30% will continue to be distributed to those who have crates deposited.

This is a great opportunity for those who haven't been able to deposit as many crates as they'd have liked to become Famous.

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