Phase 3 | The Celebration

Look at all those shiny cards!

When all the crates in the queue have been unlocked will mark a return to a business-as-usual state of play.

The automated unlocking has finished and the queue is now empty. This means that any Serran who missed the Crate Unlocking Event, or who chose not to deposit crates, can now open their crates at any time. It also means that, once you have opened all of your unlocked crates, you can now open any other Transcendent Set crates that you want. These crates will unlock and open at the same time.

There is no need to join the Crate Unlocking Event if you do not want to. Your crates will be safe, they will not be destroyed or lost. In fact, it could be beneficial to not join the Crate Unlocking Event as any crates that remain unlocked will be able to continue to collect Alpha Fame, unlocked or open crates will not, and neither will cards. This is a quandary that every crate-owning Serran must contemplate as there are pros and cons to think about.

While we do not know how many crates will be opened during the Event, we do know that it will be a momentous occasion that is worth celebrating. The team has been working hard to bring this to you, and you have been amazingly supportive and patient waiting to see what we’re creating.

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