What are Masks of the Virtuals?

The Base Set has Minting Key Devices, and the Transcendent Set has Artifacts. So we are pleased to announce that the Virtuals Set has Masks of the Virtuals.

Each Virtuals Set Crate has a chance to contain 1 of 4 unique NFT master masks. Each master mask has the power to mint more NFTs in its own image, limited by individual cooldown times. The masks produced can be worn on your avatar in-game or traded to other Serrans. Interestingly, at least two of the masks are guaranteed to be revealed during the Unlocking Event.

Due to their digital-only nature, the Virtuals devised a physical representation to facilitate communication and good relationships with the emerging life on early, post-Schism Serra. Therefore, Virtuals developed face-like masks and other coverings. The four Masks of the Virtuals are the most notable masks utilized by Virtuals on Serra today.

We will make a further announcement on the very special Masks of the Virtuals to explain how they will work in more detail.

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