Who can play?

What stage of the development is the game at?

The game is currently in development, getting ready to release a Closed Alpha phase.
In preparation for that, we are currently inviting those enlisted on our website to join us in play-testing a prototype version of the game. Check your account to see if you have access to the Proto-Alpha.

What platforms will the game support?

The game is being programmed in Unity and will likely be released as a standalone application on Windows and Mac operating systems first.
The game has also partnered with Steam and can be found in the official Steam Store where you can support the game by adding it to your Wishlist.
The team is hoping to extend availability to Linux, iOS, and Android at a later date.
A member of the Mech Faction hard at work

When can I play?

If you have enlisted on the website, you may have access to play the prototype game.
The invitations to join the Proto-Alpha go out in waves via email based on when accounts were created on our website; the first Serrans who enlisted on our website will be the first to join the Proto-Alpha. Subsequent waves will go out depending on capacity, game data, bugs, feedback, and other metrics.
You’ll be able to see information about the waves and your number in the Proto-Alpha section of the website.