Synergy of Serra

Who can play?

What stage of the development is the game at?

The game is currently in development getting ready to release an Alpha phase.
There are ongoing internal games, also known as pre-Alpha, using a basic interface to test and tweak card balancing, gameplay mechanisms and other aspects.

What platforms will the game support?

The game is programmed in Unity and will likely be released as a standalone application on Windows and Mac operating systems first.
The game has also partnered with Steam and can now be found in the official Steam Store where you can support the game by adding it to your Wishlist.
The team are hoping to extend availability to Linux, iOS and Android at a later date.
A member of the Mech Faction hard at work

When can I play?

The Closed Alpha testing phase will not launch before the end of 2022.
Invites to join the Closed Alpha will go out in waves based on when your account was created. New waves will be invited based on the needs and capacity of the game development.

Who can play in the Alpha phase?

Sign up and create an account to become enlisted. Anyone who is signed up on the Synergy of Serra website will be eligible to take part in Alpha testing. This phase will be a Closed Alpha phase, meaning that you need to have created an account on the website before the Alpha starts to be able to play.
More information will be released nearer the time.
If you miss the Closed Alpha phase you will most likely have to wait until the Open Beta testing phase starts. There is no estimated date for this as yet.
The game will be free-to-play. You do not need to own crates to play, however there are benefits to owning as discussed in Why pay for cards crates?.

Is playing in the Alpha phase rewarded?

Yes, participants in the Closed Alpha will be rewarded with Alpha Fame for achieving positions on the seasonal leaderboard. Please see the section The Fame.
This will be the only reward for playing Alpha, currently. Other forms of play-to-earn will be introduced in future versions of the game. Please see the section The economy for more information.