Fostering our culture

We heart community and culture

As a Content Champion, you are a hero in Synergy of Serra culture and a beacon of light for the whole community.

Our community is a beautiful, international melting pot of different cultures and languages, and you have the power to welcome new arrivers to Serra and into our community. You have the warmth to make it a friendly and welcoming experience. Everyone is accepted and embraced in our culture, no matter their race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, or beliefs.

Members of the community will look up to and revere you. You have the influence and the talent to shape how Serrans feel. Positive interactions help others feel valued, seen, and empowered. You have all the tools to make people feel unique.

Knowledge of Synergy of Serra is powerful. You can use this power to help others in their journey through Serra and in our community. Even small deeds like answering questions can make someone's day. This is infectious; people then help others to shape a warm, supportive community. Remember sharing is caring!

Sharing critiques is a way for you and us to grow and improve together. Sometimes it may be difficult to hear, or the messenger is not eloquent in their delivery. But being positive and friendly even in the face of the greatest villains and their toxic behavior means they will never get the upper hand. You win by staying calm and polite.

You are not just a community member but also a leader and a friend to other Serrans. Leading means setting an example and the tone for others to follow. Use this power wisely by combining all of the above into one bright vision of our community and show it to the outside world. Show them the way!

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