The mission

Calystral are a team of game developers that set out to unleash the potential of gamers. Their mission is to create fair, trustless and disruptive games empowering gamers to challenge the status quo.

They are focusing on building games where the time and effort put in is rewarded with real value. They believe this will enhance players’ experience and empowering gamers to achieve more. To do this they are using the benefits of blockchain technology and NFTs to take games and gaming to the next level and towards a better future for gaming!

The team

Calystral has a growing indie team of staff that are all gamers at heart aiming to create a high-quality, innovative game. They have a vision to empower gamers while enjoying the journey at the same time. Currently, the team consists of four developers, four artists, and one person in marketing. They work remotely, some even travel around the world, and believe that they shouldn't be bound to a specific location in order to achieve their vision.

The team are card game enthusiasts and have each been playing games for more than 20 years. They have mainly played, and mastered, Dominion, Hearthstone, Eternal, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh but they have tried and played many other kinds of card games too. They have also created multiple games and adaptations just for fun in their spare time. It's fair to say they love card games.

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