Is there ranked mode?

Every battle counts towards finding the Sage of Serra.

Note: for up-to-date information on rules and how the game is played, please see the Learn to play section in the game client.

The Grand Tournament's main aim is to find the Sage of Serra to lead Serrans into battle against the mysterious, destructive force threatening Serra's existence. All six factions strive to bring forward the Sage of Serra from among their ranks and anyone is able to participate. To find the Sage of Serra, the Grand Tournament will be almost never-ending, going on until the very last moment possible before it's necessary for Serra to confront this ancient threat. This means the Sage of Serra will not only have to be highly skilled, but also extremely dedicated. Only the best of the best will become the Sage of Serra.

In gameplay terms, every battle played will be part of the Grand Tournament, this will be reflected in the game's ranked mode. The ongoing tournament will briefly pause four times a year to conclude a season, whoever is top of the leaderboard at that time will gain the title of Sage of Serra. Other titles may be available for other positions on the leaderboard too. The rankings will reset for the start of the next season.

The leaderboard will also offer some great play-to-earn opportunities, with rewards being determined at the end of each season. Those demonstrating the highest levels of skill will be eligible for the highest rewards, other rewards will be available and weighted depending on your rank at the end of the season.

When the Alpha phase launches it is the current plan that the leaderboard will feature. However, as the Alpha will be for testing the core game mechanics, the full rewards feature won't be live. As talked about here the only likely play-to-earn rewards during Alpha will be Alpha Fame.

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