An introduction

Battle in the Grand Tournament to become the Sage of Serra and lead Serra's forces.

While charting the unknown interstellar medium surrounding Serra various anomalies were detected that would prove ominous. The peaceful planet of Serra was disturbed by this news, the planet would never be the same again.

The findings indicated a distant threat remorselessly devouring one planet system after another. Simulations demonstrated that, while still light years away, Serra would be one of the planets falling prey to this ancient threat.

After centuries of peace, the Serrans were not equipped to defend against such a foe. As such, the governmental body of Serra, the Council of the Six, devised the Grand Tournament. A conquest to find the most strategic, most flexible, and most inspiring mind on the planet to lead Serra’s efforts to defend itself.

From this point on the Grand Tournament became the center of Serra’s cultural life.

The Grand Tournament's main aim is to find the Sage of Serra and all six factions strive to bring forward the Sage of Serra from their ranks.

Anyone and everyone is able to participate in the Grand Tournament, its battles held in dome-shaped stadia all over the planet. The fighters taking part are connected to machines and transferred virtually into the battlefield meaning match-ups can happen in any place, at any time. Nanobots make all this possible by constructing and reshaping the battle-domes instantaneously with the fighters loaded into them within seconds after that.

The Arena Domes provide a spectacular backdrop to equally spectacular battles. The result of this, and the concentrated effort against the looming galactic threat, is that Serrans are now obsessed with the Grand Tournament. Great champions can become famous overnight and the whole population look forward to the entertainment that the battles provide.

The question on everyone's lips is, who will become the ultimate champion and earn the title of Sage of Serra?

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