Armed conflicts

Support people suffering from war.

Calystral statement on armed conflict.

With Synergy of Serra, we are building a card game about preparing Serra for war with a dangerous invading threat. However, while we enjoy creating the rich lore and innovative gameplay of Synergy of Serra, we are very conscious of the everyday suffering of millions here on Earth.

According to Wikipedia, there are currently over 50 ongoing armed conflicts causing death and destruction around the world. This has inevitably contributed to the number of displaced people increasing year on year since 2011.

The current number of people displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations is estimated at between 79.5 million and 82.4 million. This is around the same as the population of Germany (~83.7 million) and more than the population of Thailand (69.8 million).

We at Calystral find this deeply disturbing. As a young games studio, we are aware that our role in supporting people affected by armed conflicts is limited. However, we want to help in the best way that we can.

We want this page to be a source of reliable information and link to charitable organizations for our community. Please take time to read the information available, share this page widely and consider donating to one of the amazing organizations below.

Learn more:

A list of ongoing armed conflicts

Wikipedia is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through a model of open collaboration. This page defines the parameters for armed conflict and displays tables, links, and citations for further reading.

International Review of the Red Cross

The International Review of the Red Cross is a peer-reviewed, academic journal published by Cambridge University Press. It covers diverse topics such as digital technologies, memory, and counterterrorism.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Médecins Sans Frontières publishes evaluations, critical reviews, case studies, and guidelines of their activities and research.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

This page is full of easy-to-follow statistics about the current state of refugees around the world.

This page includes download links to the two annual reports produced by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on forced displacement.

Support people:

Ukrainian-Russian Crisis

Learn more about the current conflict from these trusted news sources:

Voice of America

Support people affected by conflict via these trusted charities:

Nova Ukraine

This registered charity is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine. They aim to help the people of Ukraine and to strengthen Ukraine’s democratic society by organizing fundraisers, cultural events, meetings with Ukrainian celebrities, and holding roundtable discussions dedicated to Ukraine, among other initiatives.

They are currently delivering aid to Ukrainian refugees and accept donations in various ways, including in cryptocurrency.


All of the informational resources we publish on this page have been cross-referenced on media-bias checking websites such as Media Bias/Fact Check or Ad Fontes Media.

All of the charities we recommend on this page have been thoroughly researched and selected for their transparency and efficiency. We use principles shared by organizations such as Give Well or Charity Watch.

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