What is the Scarcity Score?

1/Rarity% * 1/Quality% / ExistingCardsCount
Which Synergy of Serra cards people receive from each of their crates is decided at the moment of opening. There are 34 different cards that make up the Transcendent Set: six Legendary, seven Epic, ten Rare, and eleven Common. However, there is no set number for the total amount of any of the Transcendent Set cards.
As a result, the card supply will be very dynamic. Different cards of the same Rarity will likely have different numbers overall and in each Quality. Every time a Serran opens a crate they have the same chance of receiving the scarcest card at any given time, those cards will only be gone when all the crates have been opened. Every time a Serran opens a crate the Scarcity Score for the cards drawn will change.
To keep track of this changing landscape we will provide information on the absolute numbers of each card in a card explorer. We have gone one step further, however, and have developed our Scarcity Score to give you more knowledge and transparency about the card supply.

How the Scarcity Score works.

The Scarcity Score will be particular to each card and will be displayed next to the card in your Inventory. The higher the number, the more scarce that card is.

Scarcity Score =

1/Rarity% * 1/Quality% / ExistingCardsCount * 10,000

For example, if there are ten Acolyte of the Source cards in Painted Metal we can work out the Scarcity Score like this:
1/Common Rarity is 1/58.33% = 1.71 1/Painted Metal Quality is 1/84% = 1.19 So, 1.71 x 1.19 = 2.04 And, 2.04/10 cards = 0.204 x 10,000 = 2040
Or, for two Gold Xol’Thoth cards we can work out the Scarcity Score like this:
1/Legendary Rarity is 1/0.83% = 120 1/Gold Quality is 1/1% = 100 So, 120 x 100 = 12,000 And, 12,000/2 cards = 6,000 x 10,000 = 60,000,000
Therefore, in these examples, the Acolyte of the Source cards have a Scarcity Score of 2040 each, while the Xol’Thoth cards have a Scarcity Score of 60,000,000 each. However, as soon as just one more of these cards comes into existence, the Scarcity Score will change again. Notice that mint numbers have no effect, all ten Painted Metal Acolyte of the Source cards will have the same Scarcity Score.

Why is this useful?

The Scarcity Score is a way of tangibly measuring how scarce your card is and will therefore help you judge what value it might hold. You will always know how many of each card are in existence and how that compares to all other cards.
We want to empower gamers to have control of their game assets, the blockchain facilitates this. If you have cards that do not fit your strategy or if your crates give you duplicate cards that you don’t want, you are able to trade these cards with other gamers.
Trading can be both a science and an art, both subjective and objective. While some might use formulas and maths, others use instinct and gut feeling. In both cases though, having as much knowledge as possible will help buyers and sellers to value their assets. We believe the Scarcity Score will help to create a transparent, near-perfect knowledge game economy.