Phase 1 | The Collection

The time when every crate-owning Serran will need to decide.

Go to the Events page to deposit your crates. There is no need to rush to deposit as each crate has the same chance of being the first, or last, in the queue to be unlocked thanks to the on-chain randomness generated by our open and transparent smart contracts.

The Collection is the time when every crate-owning Serran will need to decide if they want to withdraw their crates from collecting Alpha Fame and deposit them into the queue to wait to be unlocked. If a Serran chooses to deposit a crate to be unlocked, that crate will go into our unlocking smart contract. It will be an irreversible action, with the crate destined to be unlocked no matter what.

Once deposited, the crate will get a Challenge Number, a Draw Number, and a Queue Number. Each crate will have its own set of these numbers, so regardless of whether you deposit one crate at a time or 1,000 crates at once, each crate will have a different, randomly assigned place in the queue.

It also doesn’t matter if you are the first person to deposit crates or the last; every single crate will be given a randomly generated number that will determine its place in the queue, and every single crate has the same chance of being the first, or last, crate to be unlocked.

This phase will last two weeks and is where the Council of the Six will collect together all the crates that Serrans want to open. After The Collection is finished, the timer will reset and return to counting down, this time towards Phase2 | The Unlocking.

Challenge Number

The Challenge Number is the number that will decide a crate’s place in the queue; the lower the challenge number, the earlier in the queue that crate will be. The Challenge Number is fixed and will never change, it is decided by our open and transparent smart contract the moment the crate gets deposited. It is always generated randomly, it does not matter when your crates are deposited; the last crate to be deposited could end up being first in the queue, equally, the first crate deposited could be the first in the queue. In short, any crate could be the first in the queue to be unlocked. It is completely random and decided by our immutable, open, and transparent smart contracts.

Draw Number

The Draw Number is derived from the Challenge Number. The Challenge Number can get very long, up to 72 characters long in fact, and this creates usability problems. To avoid these problems we will shorten the Challenge Numbers into the Draw Numbers. Shortening the number makes it much easier for Serrans to compare their numbers and assess how it might affect their place in the queue.

A consequence of shorter numbers is that more than one person could have the same Draw Number, if that happens, the Challenge Number will be used to decide the crates’ final positions in the unlocking queue. The Draw Number is fixed and does not change.

Queue Number

The Queue Number represents a crate’s position in the queue. The crate with the lowest Challenge Number will be the first crate in the queue to be unlocked, and the crate with the second-lowest Challenge Number will be the second crate to be unlocked. And so on until the end of the queue.

Different from the other two numbers, the Queue Number is dynamic and a crate’s Queue Number will likely change often as lower Challenge Numbers are generated from newly deposited crates and added to the queue.

This means the queue will move and shift in real-time as each crate is collected and assigned a place in the queue; the first and last crates in the queue on day one might not be the first and last crates on the last day of The Collection, for example. Or they might be too of course. We anticipate that the queue will keep moving and changing all the way up to when the timer for The Collection hits zero and we move into The Unlocking.

All the queue information will be available and live on our website for everyone to see regardless of whether you own any crates or not. Anyone will be able to watch the changing queue and see which crates will be the first to be unlocked.


In addition, we think there will be a high volume of crates deposited toward the end of The Collection as Serrans look to maximize the time their crates are collecting Alpha Fame. This means that we are likely to see crates changing places in the queue after the timer has completed its countdown. This is because there is a natural delay between the information going live in the smart contract and that information being reflected on our website.

As always, you can interact with any of our smart contracts directly and transparently. By doing this you will always get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

We hope that everyone will have fun watching their queue positions, and other Serran’s positions in the queue, change. We will have fun watching people agonize over whether to deposit more crates to try and get their place at the front of the queue back.

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