What is scrap / SCRAP / Š?

One man's SCRAP is another's...

The SCRAP economy

The Sustainable Commodity Recycling and Acquisition Program (”SCRAP”) is used as Synergy of Serra’s in-game currency implemented as ERC-20.

Deposits of rare elements and metals on Serra are almost depleted, so Serrans are forced to recycle materials. 
To facilitate this circular economy, the Council of the Six built SCRAP Stations all over Serra many years ago. Special tellers use nano-bots to recycle items and convert them into SCRAP, immediately updating records and monitoring the circulating supply.

How to get SCRAP

SCRAP is the main resource in the Synergy of Serra in-game economy.

Serrans can receive SCRAP by recycling cards, selling items to other players, buying SCRAP in the Shop, or by competing to receive their share from the Rewards Vault.

How to use SCRAP

Serrans can spend SCRAP on buying cards and cosmetic items from other players or buying crates from the Shop.

Both of these actions also distribute SCRAP to the Rewards Vault.

How the Rewards Vault works

Serrans can earn their share of the dynamic Rewards Vault by climbing the seasonal leaderboard in the ever-repeating Grand Tournament of Serra.

The Rewards Vault continuously accumulates half the Market trading fees and 10% of Shop revenue. This contributes to a sustainable, circular economy, where your rewards expand the more players are participating.

SCRAP on the blockchain

As soon as any SCRAP is created, it is issued as an ERC-20 on the Polygon blockchain via a smart contract. As such, it has the same compatibility and composability as any other ERC-20, such as USDC or MATIC, you might find on Polygon.

New SCRAP is only created by buying it from the Synergy of Serra website or by recycling a card.

Is it scrap, SCRAP, or Š?

The name is derived from the Sustainable Commodity Recycling and Acquisition Program. When we're talking about this system as a whole, we use SCRAP.

You also might see SCRAP if you are interrogating the blockchain with block explorer.

We use scrap in lowercase letters when talking about the currency that changes hands in the Market or is bought from the shop. Finally, we may shorten scrap to Š when signifying a denomination, for example, Š100 or Š1,337.

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