About the Proto-Alpha

Our prototype testing phase.

What is the Proto-Alpha?

The Proto-Alpha is a phase of game development where we invite the community to play our prototype game. “Proto” from first or prototype, and “Alpha” from typical software release cycle terminology, meaning early testing. Therefore, for us, it means testing the prototype.

Why Proto-Alpha?

Our close-knit tester community has proved invaluable in helping us get this far. However, we need more Serrans to play and give feedback. More play styles, more in-game data, and more feedback from our community will help us improve the core gameplay ready for the release of the next game client.

What is the aim of the Proto-Alpha?

The core focus for the Proto-Alpha is tweaking and improving the gameplay. In this prototype, you will have to expect basic graphics, no animations, and minimal sound effects.

Approximately how long will this game be in Proto-Alpha?

It’s hard to say. It depends on how much game time there is, game data we collect, bugs that need squashing, feedback given, and other metrics.

How will the next release version be different from this Proto-Alpha?

The Proto-Alpha is a prototype testing phase centered on improving gameplay; it will have a limited life span. The next release version will eventually become the full finished game and will gradually include special graphics, animations, and a range of sound effects.

Is playing in the Proto-Alpha phase rewarded?

No. We will have a leaderboard and rankings in the prototype, but we are playing for bragging rights only.

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