Creating content

Shouting about Synergy of Serra!

Getting started

Anyone is welcome to create videos, streams, articles, blogs, and any other content for Synergy of Serra. If you want to create content for Synergy of Serra Serra, just do it.
You can download our Content Creator Kit from our website to access ace assets to use in your content. Don't forget to tag us on social media and use #SerransUnite so we can see your content.

Going further

If you're passionate about creating content, especially Synergy of Serra content, you may want to become a Content Champion and apply for our Content Champion Program.

Going deep

Content Champions are heroes in Synergy of Serra culture and beacons of light for the whole community. They use this power wisely to project their own bright vision of our community and show it to the outside world. Become a Content Champion and show the way!
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