How will I sell my items?

Show me the money!

Will there be a market?

The team is currently developing a custom market where all Synergy of Serra Items will be tradable. As a bonus for Serrans, a proportion of the fees generated on the Market will be allocated to the Synergy of Serra prize pool.

The Market ecosystem will also eventually aim to include liquidity pools for crates. The benefit of this is that you won't need to match with a buyer to sell your crates or a seller to buy your crates.

How can I buy crates then?

You can buy the first expansion set, The Vaults of the Virtuals, from our shop. They are limited in number so they will eventually sell out.

Already sold out and unavailable to buy directly from Synergy of Serra, are the first two card sets, the genesis sets, the Base Set, and Transcendent Set. You will be able to buy these from other Serrans via the upcoming Market.

Scrap your card

You will also be able to recycle your cards for scrap. You can then use the scrap you receive in the Market to buy other cards and items from other Serrans.

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