How will I sell my items?
Show me the money!

What is true ownership?

Synergy of Serra uses blockchain technology to give you true ownership of the game assets. Once an asset is listed on the blockchain, ownership is immutable unless the owner verifies a change, for example transferring the ownership. In contrast, in traditional gaming the games company retains the digital property rights of in-game items: the player doesn't actually own the assets and is effectively just borrowing or, if they have paid money, leasing the items.
The crates on Serra are fungible ERC-1155 tokens, and the other assets, such as the cards, are NFTs. NFTs prove ownership of a digital asset. An NFT is essentially a unique representation of an asset or good in the form of a virtual token. NFTs are unique and cannot be replaced by another item. The ERC-1155 token is the technical means by which we the team will deliver your NFTs to you in a transparent and fair fashion.
You can read about NFTs and ERC-1155 in more detail in the Blockchain section of The Compendium.

Will there be a marketplace?

The team is currently developing a custom marketplace where all Synergy of Serra assets will be tradable. In fact, the team is being more ambitious than that and aims to develop a marketplace that is open and cross-platform, where many different crypto-assets will be tradable. A bonus for Serrans, as a proportion of the fees generated on the Marketplace will be allocated to the Synergy of Serra prize pool.
The Marketplace ecosystem will also include liquidity pools for crates. The benefit of this is that you won't need to match with a buyer to sell your crates, or a seller to buy your crates. Providing liquidity for a pool, becoming a liquidity provider, will be incentivised by offering a small percentage share of the fees generated, other incentives will also be offered.

What about other marketplaces?

All of Synergy of Serra's NFTs are minted directly onto Polygon's mainchain and belong to their owners. This means that you will be able to trade these assets on any platform that supports Polygon.
Unfortunately, there is currently a bug with OpenSea meaning that crates cannot be traded, please get in touch with OpenSea if you would like to be able to trade Synergy of Serra crates on OpenSea. Golden Tickets are tradeable on OpenSea.

How can I buy crates then?

The only way to buy crates at the moment is by trading with another Serran in our Discord server, if someone is willing to sell that is.
Be aware though that any trades discussed in #trading are executed at your own risk. Peer-to-peer trades are risky and we really don't recommend doing p2p trading. Especially p2p trades without a middleman are highly risky.
For tips on trading safely please see Tips to trade crates safely.
Finally, thanks to blockchain technology more and more peer-to-peer trading exchanges are being developed that may provide a trusted intermediary for transactions to take place. However, Synergy of Serra does not currently endorse any and warns you to always be extra careful when trading with someone you do not know.