The crates
All you need to know about the crates.

When can I open my crates?

  • When all the art is finished there will be a Crate Unlocking Event to celebrate.
  • You can see a progress bar for the Crate Unlocking Events on the website's homepage.
  • There is more information on the Crate Unlocking Event on the Crate Opening Event page.

Crates are sold out, will there be any more?

  • The maximum supply of Base Set and Transcendent Set crates are 400,000 each. No more than this amount can be minted, ever.
  • There are two more Factions still to be released, there will be more expansion packs in the future. However, a release date for any new expansion set is yet to be announced.

Are crates tradeable?

  • Yes, you can trade them over-the-counter/peer-to-peer. Although always be certain what you're trading OTC and until Synergy of Serra is verified on OpenSea.
  • The crates are fungible tokens (FTs) on the blockchain, this means that each crate of the same type (i.e. Base or Transcendent) is identical.
  • A marketplace to make trading crates even easier is coming soon.

What is contained in Transcendent Set Crates?

  • You will get 6 cards of varying Quality and Rarity, including one guaranteed Rare card.
  • All cards are from the Transcendent Set.
  • The Transcendent Set contains 34 distinct expansion cards, including the new Transcendent Faction, in different Qualities and Rarities.
  • The Factions included in the Transcendent Set are Cyborg, Mech, Native and Transcendent.

What is contained in Base Set Crates?

  • You will get 6 cards of varying Quality, including one guaranteed Silver card.
  • All cards from the Base Set (All base set cards are Common in Rarity)
  • The Base Set Contains the 66 free Base Set Cards but in higher Qualities.
  • The Factions included in the Base Set are Cyborg, Mech and Native.

Please see The cards section for more information on the cards and Why pay for cards or crates? for information on the benefits of owning crates.

When are the contents of the crates decided?

  • The content, such as cards or special drops, of a crate is decided by a special formula when the crate is opened. The formulas will be publicly viewable on the blockchain allowing for full transparency and guarantee of scarcity.
  • Until each crate is opened the crates are all the same. They are fungible tokens (FTs) meaning they are identical and interchangeable.
  • Specific cards are not limited to a pre-defined count, this means that every crate, from the first to the last, has an equal chance of drawing every card. The special drops work slightly differently, see The special drops.