What is the Golden Ticket?

The essential information

There are only 164 Golden Tickets and no more will ever be made. There is only one animated version of the Golden Ticket, which is #0.

The Golden Tickets are NFTs and so are tradeable, someone may be willing to part with theirs if you make them the right offer.

The Golden Tickets will have no in-game utility and are essentially souvenirs for members of the Discord community who were on the ball enough to participate in a raffle.

Who is to say there might or might not be be a different purpose for the ticket in the future though...

The origin story

The raffle started off as just little bit of fun for April Fool's Day on the Discord server but it turned into a weekend of extra work for Julian from the team.

Once all the participating wallet addresses were collected the mint numbers (#), and importantly who would get the unique animated version, was decided by a randomised marble run.

Congratulations to the proud owner of Golden Ticket #0!

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