The development

How does game development work?
The largest software marketplace, G2, outlines seven stages of game development as:
  • 1. Planning a video game
  • 2. Pre-production
  • 3. Production
  • 4. Testing
  • 5. Pre-launch
  • 6. Launch
  • 7. Post-launch
Each games studio will use a slightly different approach; for example, some phases may overlap or include different parameters or activities. However, we can use these neat categories to convey the process succinctly. You can learn more about each step in the process by reading the full article by G2 here.

Current phase: Testing

This stage involves thorough testing of the game to identify and fix any bugs or glitches. This stage also includes playtesting to gather feedback from players and make improvements to the game.
Synergy of Serra has been in the testing phase for a while, and now we are pushing the testing further with the Proto-Alpha by inviting more Serrans to take part.