Access Granted

What to do now you have access to the prototype.

Is the prototype safe?

It is perfectly safe to download, install, and play. However, depending on your security settings, you may receive a warning about the client when you try to interact with it.

How do I install the prototype?

Depending on your operating system, the process will be slightly different once you have downloaded it.

For Mac users, you will need to right-click and select Open. Then click Proceed in the subsequent pop-up menu.

For Windows users, you will need to double-click, then select More information, and then select Open anyway.

How do I join the Proto Alpha on Discord?

If you’re not a member of our server already, you will need to join it. After that, you will need to head to the #🤖p-h-i-l channel and link your Synergy of Serra account to our server. For this, you will need the Discord Verification Code from your account. Simply type /link and enter the code when prompted. If you have linked your account in the past, you do not need the code from your account, you only need to type /link to refresh your roles, and you will gain the Proto Alpha role.

Do I need the Proto Alpha role to play?

You do not need the Proto Alpha role to play the prototype, but it will show the rest of the community that you are testing the game so they can ask you questions about it, or it will let the team know to ask you how you are finding it.

How do I play?

You just need to open up the client and play. If you have any questions or get stuck, there will be existing members of the community that have been play-testing previously that will be happy to help if you ask nicely.

How do I give feedback?

We have a dedicated area in our Discord server where the Proto Alpha players can leave feedback, give ideas for new cards, and report bugs to the team.

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