Synergy of Serra

Should I open my crates?

It's a real dilemma for Serrans!
Ultimately, it will boil down to personal preference but we lay out some different factors that could contribute to forming that preference.

In favor of opening

There are compelling reasons to open at least one of your crates, no matter your motivation.


There are 12 Artifacts in total and 400,000 Transcendent Set crates in which to find one. However, we do not know precisely how many Artifacts are lost in the Transcendent Set.
Each Artifact will be unique in design and nature. They will not affect our skill-to-win ethos by giving a competitive advantage to a player, but they will have extraordinary gameplay effects. Unlike our cards, Artifacts have a hard cap, so once they have dropped, that is it.

Mint numbers

Mint numbers are unique serial numbers often given to collectible items, physical or digital, when created (or minted). All of our cards will have mint numbers.
The first card of its name and Quality will be given the mint number #0 and will ascend from there until all crates have been opened. For example, the first Painted Metal Bagni created will be given the mint number #0, just as the first Gold Bagni will be given the mint number #0. Therefore, the earlier you are in the queue, the higher your chance of receiving low mint numbers.
This is important because some people highly value low mint numbers and by opening your crates during the Crate Unlocking Event, you maximize your chances of receiving a potentially collectible low-mint card.

Scarcity of cards

The fewer crates opened, the fewer cards there will be in circulation opening up an avenue of opportunity for those who decide to open some crates.
For example, if 10% of crates are opened during the Crate Unlocking Event, that would lead to around 10,000 Epic cards and 2,000 Legendary cards being released. For the Gold versions, this would mean only 100 Epic and just 20 Legendary.
There are seven different Epic cards and six different Legendary cards in the Transcendent Set. This means that there could be just 100–200 of each Gold Epic card or literally just a few Gold Legendary cards.


Even if you don’t pull a #0 mint, an Artifact, or a Gold Legendary, you may still want to trade your cards. For example, you could pull some duplicates or cards of differing Quality that you would rather sell. As our cards will be NFTs, you will be free to trade them on any platform that supports Polygon.


We’re hoping to make the Crate Unlocking Event an event for our loyal crate holders. We can’t promise actual fireworks, but we think we have a few features that will make the process an engaging and exciting one for those who choose to open any of their crates.
Besides the Event itself, I know many people who are looking forward to simply having their cards in their revamped Inventory screen. The joy of sharing, comparing, analyzing, and collecting the cards will be real. Others I know are excited to be able to show the amazing artwork on social media, to their friends or even hung up in their swish metaverse pads.

Against opening

No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” ― Warren Buffett
The famous billionaire made his money through trading the stock market and often preaches patience. For those who can resist the joy of opening their crates, there may be other joys waiting further down the line for them.

Alpha Fame

As you should know, 10,000,000 Alpha Fame is distributed weekly between all participants. At the moment, this is simply divided between all the crates that are deposited to collect Alpha Fame.
Interestingly, Alpha Fame is distributed live and your total updates every two seconds. This means that every time a crate is withdrawn from the Alpha Fame contract the crates that are left gain a little bit more Alpha Fame for their owners, almost to the second. Furthermore, Transcendent Set crates collect double the proportion of Alpha Fame as Base Set crates.
Therefore, if your focus is collecting Alpha Fame, opening your crates would not only stop you from maximizing your Alpha Fame, but it would also increase the Alpha Fame per crate that others collect.
There will be a wide range of things that you’ll be able to exchange your Alpha Fame for, but the more Alpha Fame you have the more options that will be available to you.

Scarcity of crates

I already know of a few Serrans who are determined to own the last remaining Transcendent Set crate, so this challenge could take a while to complete.
There are 400,000 Transcendent Set crates, and there will never be any more. As people open their crates, the supply from which people can buy will reduce. Economics 101 says that if supply reduces in relation to demand the price should go up.
We would be naive not to recognize that speculation of our game assets goes on. Those that are good at it can do very well. However, we want to remind Serrans that we are building a gaming project first and foremost. If you’re going to speculate on our game assets, you should only do so with funds that you are prepared to lose. No one knows what the future holds.


As already noted, personal preference will play a big part in the decision to open any of your crates. Some people may want to open all their crates, some none, and some people somewhere in-between. Some people will change their minds on a weekly basis as we lead up to the Crate Opening Event.
If you have any thoughts on this subject, please come and join us in our Discord community to discuss them. Good luck, Serrans!