Synergy of Serra


Owning crates is the best.

Crates are sold out, will there be any more?

The maximum supply of Base Set and Transcendent Set crates are 400,000 each. No more than this amount can be minted, ever.

How can I still buy Base & Transcendent crates?

You can buy crates from other Serrans on OpenSea or peer-to-peer in our Discord.
Be aware though that any trades discussed in trading are executed at your own risk. Peer-to-peer trades are risky and we really don't recommend doing p2p trading. Especially p2p trades without a middleman are highly risky.
Please see Tips to trade crates safely for tips on trading safely.

Can I buy crates on OpenSea?

Yes. Be careful that you are using the correct link as there may be fake collection pages around. You can find the link in our #🔗official-links channel in Discord or by using this link.

When will the next expansion be released?

There will be more expansion packs in the future. However, a release date for any new expansion set is yet to be announced.
Our philosophy has always been not to publish any release dates. Therefore, you will never see us assign a date to any of our roadmap features until they are ready for launch.