How do I get synergy effects?
Faction points and other synergies.
Reminder: the game is still in development and everything is subject to change.
Finding cards that work well together is often a lot of fun when playing card games. We want Synergy of Serra to be no different in this respect. We aim to make combining the effects of different cards across all Factions a rewarding experience.
Furthermore, you will gain Faction Points for having Units, Powers and Attachments from the same Faction in play during the game.
Meeting the thresholds of five and ten Faction Points for a Faction will level your cards from Level * to Level ** and Level *** respectively for that Faction. Units currently gain the most Faction Points followed by Powers and Attachments. Units are also the only card type affected by the Faction Levels currently.
The difference between a Level * and a Level *** Unit can be increased attack and defence or added abilities; in many cases, it is both.
Each Faction will have its own focus, strengths and weaknesses based its lore.
For example, Mechs are a Faction of machines and robots that traditionally operated in the mining, production and construction sectors on Serra. In-game this translates to them being more adept at defence. Alternatively, Natives are more suited to attack and Cyborgs focus have some interesting Attachments, while other Factions' lore may lead them down different paths of specialisation.
Ultimately, it will be important to know these strengths and weaknesses and how they could be combined and synergised in-game to create a successful deck.
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